McNair Travel Club

    Traveling is a great way to incorporate inter-disciplinary lessons and enhance the learning environment for students.  Travel can include a field-trip in your own backyard to a visit downtown to riding the subway to the museum.

    Although there is no one subject that is involved while traveling, my focus will be the following disciplines:  Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Computer Science, Reading, and Language Arts.  This website is an attempt to point you in the right direction with places to go, how to get there, projects, marketing ideas, and links.
    As a high school teacher I wear a lot of hats!  Working around children can be very rewarding and challenging!  Many teenagers have lost their ability to dream big & are not motivated to do more than the norm.  I imagine what life would be like if only these children had an opportunity. Whether a kid participates in a sport, workshop, fieldtrip, or travel, his life will be enriched forever.  Our youth need to be competitive worldwide!  Hopefully joining the Travel Club will give them a big boost & rejuvenate their thirst for greatness!
We are part of the world & plan to see it for ourselves!